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Shipping Information & Policies

I have some simple shipping policies and procedures. These are stated up-front, so there are no surprises for anybody. If you have any questions regarding these policies, please inquire with me before purchasing. Thanks!

Shipping Carriers

    Most all international shipping goes USPS. Smaller and/or lighter items will also frequently ship Postal Priority. Shipping costs keep going up, and the post office has some fixed-rate boxes that help to get things shipped much more reasonably than DHL.
DHL is my company of choice for medium to large items. Their rates are reasonable, and their delivery is very reliable and fast.
Certain larger items are just too big to go DHL or USPS; they will need to be shipped with a freight company. Due to the wide variation in rates, drop-off/pick-up locations, and services offered, I request that you price and arrange for your own freight carrier. I usually suggest going to FreightQuote. Once you have arranged for the carrier, and once I receive the shipping information/bill of lading from you, I will transport the parts to a terminal in either LaCrosse, WI or Eau Claire, WI.
Take a look at these pictures, I think they say it all - they're of a crankshaft that FedEx delivered to me. Needless to say, I refused to sign for it. I have stopped using FedEx for shipping.
UPS is expensive, and they like to leave things at the end of my driveway 2000+ feet away from the shop at the gate, in the rain, when I'm out of town. That, or they drop it off with the neighbors, who I don't even know. Or they do a no-show on a Friday afternoon when I have 25+ packages to ship, and I have to go to Texas the next day. Not to mention the times when they lose packages, and refuse to pay up on the insurance claim in a reasonable timeframe. They just can't be counted on, so I've stopped shipping with them.

Returns / Exchanges

Keep in mind that these are car parts, and they're frequently large, bulky, heavy, and expensive to ship - especially both ways. Because of this, I usually do not accept returns - especially returns that are due to customer error.

If you believe that you have a reason that you need to return a part, you must contact me before sending it back. I will discuss your situation with you, determine whether or not I can accept the return, and give you information regarding the carrier and/or delivery method for returning the part.

Unless there was an error of some sort on my part, I do not reimburse for shipping costs. Parts being returned to me must include all parts that you received from me (including the little stuff like bolts and mounting hardware), they must be packed well, and they must be shipped insured. If the part arrives at my shop and has been damaged in shipping, I will not accept it (see the pictures of the crank above).

If you have any questions about this return policy, please contact me before purchase.